Tick Tock by James Patterson

TICK TOCK had me interested from page one. Bennett is on vacation with his ten kids, nanny named Mary Catherine, and his deceased wife's father, Father Seamus. A killer is killing people like crazy in NYC and Bennett is given the case. This particular killer is killing by using the methods of old New York City killers, including the Mad Bomber, Son of Sam, and Albert Fish. Berger, the killer, has unlimited resources and a plan to go out in a blaze of glory. Bennett and the NYPD are spinning their wheels and so Bennett calls in FBI agent Emily Parker to consult on the case. Bennett and Parker worked together in the last book and developed a growing friendship. I'll be honest, the book was above average for because of the romance triangle between Bennett, Parker and Mary Catherine. I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff. Still, Patterson puts Bennett in the middle of two great women who obviously care about him. I had more fun reading which woman he would choose than finding out how the killer would be caught.

Lego Star Wars II

LEGO Star Wars 2 The Original Trilogy is the greatest game for the DS! With MANY unlockable characters, vehicles, and more Star Wars comes to life with this great game! LEGO Star Wars 2 The Original Trilogy bands together two great franchises, Star Wars and LEGO. The game allows you to create your own characters and play them in Free Play mode! The game also has Multiplayer functionality, which allows you to play with friends and family! The game focuses on Episodes 4,5, and 6, and the characters from those 3 movies.

by the way...

... Happy New Year, Fellas!

Super Scribblenauts

I never bought the first one so I can't say whether it's better or not, but I love this game. It's really a lot of fun and you honestly are only limited by your imagination. It's so fun that even my boyfriend got into playing it. It was a little bit difficult to figure out some of the levels, but that's part of the fun. It will definitely keep any child or adult busy for hours. I found some of the adjective levels to be a little silly. Like they'll show you a girl and a nerd and you have to put nerdy girl to complete the level.

Hi, 2011 !

For this new year, Fauna want to be naughtiest!

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly

I like Jennifer Donnelly's new novel REVOLUTION so much I'm giving it five stars which from me is a rare rating. The book is not perfect but it is a very enjoyable read with great characters, several timely universal themes and two very well realized major settings (contemporary upscale Brooklyn and Paris during both the French Revolution and the present time). The three sections of Dante's THE DIVINE COMEDY are the inspiration for dividing this novel into parts entitled "Hell", "Purgatory" and "Paradise". But the reader needs no knowledge of 14th century Italian literature to enjoy this book as the writing is clear, quick, and aimed at young adult readers though many book lovers quite a bit over age eighteen will enjoy the book as much as I did.

The book begins with Andi a talented high school senior from a very affluent family. She is suffering from depression, prescription drug abuse and suicide ideation. Andi's world had fallen apart two years earlier when her ten year old brother died tragically while he was supposed to be under her watch. Her parent's marriage broke up as in the aftermath her French born, artist mother descended into mental illness while her famous geneticist father found a new life and family with a twenty-five year old girlfriend. Andi has tried to quell her own suffering with promiscuity, self medication and her great musical talent with her preferred instrument the guitar. During a winter school vacation Andi's father returns, commits her mother to a mental hospital and forces Andi to accompany him to Paris where he is working on a project designed to discover if a two hundred plus year old preserved heart came from Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette's tragic son. Andi is supposed to finish her senior thesis during this Paris trip. She does accomplish this and also discovers firsthand the horrors of the French Revolution through a supernatural connection with a diary she discovers. In present day Paris she meets a handsome fellow musician who seems to be the nice guy of her dreams and begins to come to terms with the guilt and tragedy in her past.
Author Donnelly skillfully weaves both real and fictional people together particularly in the French Revolution sequences. I found myself doing some research to find out which characters and situations were historically accurate and which sprung from the author's imagination. Donnelly also knows her guitar music - both classic and contemporary which adds a lot of credibility to the story. Aimed at older teens REVOLUTION is not "squeaky clean". There are sexual references and Andi and her friends abuse both legal and illegal substances. A lot of the Paris action takes place in the catacombs under the city and very realistic descriptions of these tombs as well as some depictions of the horrors that took place during the French Revolution are included that may not be for the very easily disturbed. I read Ms. Donnelly's first young adult book A NORTHERN LIGHT a few years ago and was very impressed and am also delighted with her new very worthy effort. I highly, highly recommend it.

... The Ring !

 Tribute for an excellent movie, the japaneese one, not the baaad US remake! This movie is so chillish, I scream countless times and I'm afraid of video tapes now!

G Nuke !

New shooting production from London, from a great friend, from a huge artist; Kevrah! I love this cosplay genre, manga style with good feeling and attitudes!

Mahjong Mysteries: Ancient Egypt

I am a huge Mahjong fan, so I knew I would like this game; but it is definitely one of the best Mahjong games I have played on the DS. The others I have played are Mahjong Quest Expeditions and the Mahjong games on Clubhouse Games and 50 Classic Games. This one is definitely the best; there are lots of levels and the tiles are nice and big (I'm only 31, but I appreciate not having teeny tiny tiles to work with). I even like the Egyptian theme (I also really enjoyed Jewel Master: Egypt), even though I usually enjoy the more Asian-themed Mahjong games. I have been waiting for Mahjong: Journey Quest for Tikal to come out, but the release date keeps getting pushed back. I think this one is a great title for any Mahjong fan with a DS.

Jewels of the Tropical Lost Island

Jewels of the Tropical Lost Island is a unique, atmospheric puzzle game that is set around a story of treasure hunting in the tropical islands. Your adventure begun when you inherited your uncle's old sailing ship -- and his journal with it. The journal revealed his best-kept secret -- your uncle was a pirate. You find out about the many treasures he'd taken while sailing together with the greatest pirate of all, Bluebeard. These treasures -- they remain hidden away in the Caribbean. And they're for the taking, if only you can find them... There is a world full of adventures ahead of you -- you will meet real pirates, the Spanish armada, and even fearsome sea monsters. And at the end of your quest awaits Bluebeard's most amazing secret, the legendary treasure of the Maya. The road ahead will not be easy, however. You will need to overcome a lot of obstacles and unearth a great many clues to find your way. Good luck!

London spring

Your photos of Spring are all very beautiful, my friends, but nothing can compete with the spring of London! Some pictures of my recent escapades in my adopted city. Enjoy the sun if you see!

Shopping, against the mood!

Tired of being maudlin and boring for my friends! direction the streets full of lights and colors, not much money but want to make me happy, and overjoyed, meeting with an old friend of my parents who decided to buy this unbelievable dress, simply because my eyes landed three seconds on the window behind which she was! Finally, a good day!

Love, where are you?

you really believe in love? I thought about that thing, but now, after three successive betrayals, painful abandonment, I wonder if this is not just organic chemistry that drives us to become masochist as soon as our hormones located the nearest compatible male. .. I don't know, later perhaps, I'll give me another chance, yet I am solo without wishing to be!

Grave Peril, The Dresden Files book 3, by Jim Butcher

Called to Cook County hospital to deal with an enraged ghost, Harry Dresden, Chicago's resident wizard, is puzzled and disturbed not by the ghost's wrath but by the fact that someone had cast a torture spell on it, goading it into action. Harry's disturbance increases when he discovers that the same spell has been cast on one of his friends. Harry begins to realize that he and his friends may be targets of a vengeful spirit, and as he desperately tries to discover which of his many enemies has it in for him, his friends are attacked one by one. The spirit, whom Harry refers to as the Nightmare, continues to torment Harry's friends until he manages to cast a spell preventing it from harming anyone else until it kills him, which leads to a showdown that Harry might not survive. Harry is a likable protagonist with more than his share of troubles, and Grave Peril will keep readers turning the pages to find out how he overcomes them.

Take my shower.

I really love my bloggers! You left me full of words in difficult times as I crossed for some time, are really very good and warm my poor little heart broken. I'm better, in fact I'm drowning in studies and casting, I pose for art students, for amateur photographers with whom I am waiting to have a good feeling, my friends are fewer, they are the ones my faithful, true. And you're there, mysterious anonymous enjoying the girl and the picture I show you, it's just me here, but not quite, thank you for accepting me like that!

Hi everybody !

Around London, out of the polluted frozen city, for a trip into the wild and savage country! I hope all you wishes became real! Kiss!

The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable

This is an entertaining and enlightening book, and fairly easy to read. It has an important message regarding how the world works; that the world is governed not by the predictable and the average, but by the random, the unknownable, the unpredictable -- big events or discoveries or unusual people that have big consequences. Change comes not uniformly but in unpredictable spurts. These are the Black Swans of the title: completedly unexpected and rare events or novel ideas or technologies that have a huge impact on the world. Indeed, Taleb argues that history itself is primarly driven by these Black Swans.

It is convincing argument, entertainingly presented with plenty of sarcasm, and indeed, anger, by Taleb. For example he rails against the academic community, economists (including specific names), and Nobel Prize committee. Considerable numbers of his arguments "ring true" to me, that is my experience in life confirms that they are more accurate than the traditional approach. Like any important work, 90% of what is in the book is not original; that does not make it less important. Taleb's contribution is in integrating the material together, and showing how these different ideas are tied to the Black Swan.

The themes include: winner-take-all phenonomen, numerous effects of randomness on the world, the invalidity of the Gaussian Bell Curve to most things in world, concepts of scalablity, numerous instabilities in the world, especially the modern world where information travels so quickly, the fallacies about people's inability to predict the future. The importance of these ideas, Taleb's ability to weave them together into a single theory, and the ability of this theory to change the way you look at the world, means the book easily deserves my highest recommendation.

Fauna Princess

New shooting session for you, friends and others. I'm happy to post articles here, even if I hope there is many peoples for the new year coming! I kiss you, people!

Travel to Dublin,,, and back.

It was great, and chilly! I like this old city, full of violent history, but also with hope. I was there for my job, so I take a couple of hours to see the needle, hugest sculpture in the world, and the so infamous dublin prison.

and after the cultural...

... The sexual! Look boys and girls! I try nude shots with my new white haired style! Can you feel this? The Fauna's sex attitude? You like that?

This is Prahaaa !!!

Praha in Europe, dumb! It was my summer travel and it was pretty gooooooooooooood! The life in Cz is pretty cheaper than here and I love the food, very different and proteinicaly huge, but the thing I love most than food, was the people! I discover very good boys and girls, and the party was all nights long! really! A great town, full of history, full of good moments for me!


I forgot the last shot of my sushi fauna style! You like?

Transcendental sushis

I love sushi's, and japanese food for a broader scale.

India.Arie Performance on Soundcheck

Pinky Broo'

I try this new hairs, because I love the color and the sexy look for in a couple of days, on the Bricksat! I love twigs! So, during my virtual life, you saw many of my collection!

What do you think about this one???

The Man Who Made Vermeers: Unvarnishing the Legend of Master Forger Han van Meegeren

I'm hungry for books! So, when I finish one I like, I try to share with you this kind of hunger! So, my frist I share with you, a biography about Han van Meegeren. Try it!

The Man Who Made Vermeers: Unvarnishing the Legend of Master Forger Han van Meegeren by Jonathan Lopez

I very much enjoyed reading this book on Vermeer and Van Meegeren. In the first place I loved the way it is written, the style, which is - I think - in a way typical for American books, that is: very well-written, to the point, and very thoroughly documentated. Secondly I'm impressed by the way the author is confident with Dutch culture, the Dutch cultural climate in the Interbellum and with Dutch publications that, I think, even many Dutch researchers don't know. Furthermore he seems to have an extremely good knowledge of Dutch language.